Water & Sewer Backup Coverage

What is Water & Sewer Backup Coverage?

While no one wants to think about sewage backing up from your toilets or from the pipes of your sinks, tubs, or basement, it’s a reality some have faced. Unfortunately, this situation is one not automatically covered by most standard homeowner insurance policies – it’s also not covered under a flood insurance policy. This can end in costly damages and clean up that come completely out of pocket for the homeowner. This is why it’s important to carry Water & Sewer Backup Coverage on your homeowner or rental policy.

What would this cover for me?

A basement is one of the most important parts of a house. The foundation of a building where most of the important pieces of equipment are. Whether it’s a washer,Basement Remodeling in Lancaster PA | Home One Services dryer, furnace or a water heater, it’s vital to have all of these covered by your insurance. Due to this, we suggest carrying at least $10,000 if you have an unfinished basement. And with a finished basement that may have carpet, furniture, fixtures, toys and more, we recommend at least $20,000. Even higher limits are available if needed or wanted.

Is this going to break the bank?

Absolutely not, this is relatively inexpensive, and can be anywhere from $38 to $199 annually depending on whether you decide to cover $10,000, $20,000, or more. How much coverage you get is how much you invest into it. Is your basement filled with family keepsakes? Do you have someone who lives in the basement? Is that where your children will play?

How can I prevent these backups from happening?

How to DIY a Sump Pump Installation in Your Basement — Bob VilaEven if you get insurance that doesn’t you should be careless with your basement!

  • Make sure to get a sump pump and install it to prevent any drainage issues
  • On the sump pump, make sure you install a battery backup to keep it running just in case the power goes out
  • Don’t pour cooking oil down the drain
  • Replace your pipeline with plastic because this will prevent tree roots from entering
  • Only flush toilet paper down the drain, not other forms of paper

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